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2017-2018 STPO Fundraisers

Dine Around
Step It Up

STEP IT UP! is an interactive FUN ZONE + obstacle course that turns traditional fundraising on its head and let's our kids use their minds, bodies, and energy to help their school raise money.  Students collected donations between September 14th-28th and won prizes and qualified for our event.

Our EVENT DAY was an OUT OF THIS WORLD experience, and was held on October 31st, where students got to challenge themselves on obstacles and games, as well as an exclusive VIP CHILL TENT powered by LIVE MUSIC to keep the bass thumping and the kids pumped up!

Every donation not only helped our school, but gave our students more chances to win some great prizes!

The results of the Annual Fundraiser are in:

*  The event was extremely well-organized

*  We had a record number of participants overall and a definite increase in 8th grade student participation

*  The students who participated enjoyed the rewards, activities and the variety

*  We even netted several thousand more than we did with Zombie Madness, last year

*  Through your generous support we exceeded our fundraising goal of $20,000 and raised $46,266.00 for La Paz Intermediate!

*  As a result, the STPO is funding 85 NEW Chromebooks for La Paz. This is an important accomplishment because it ensures that the 1:1 Chromebook to Student ratio of up-to-date, working technology is maintained for 7th & 8th graders, THIS YEAR and the foreseeable future.

*  Additionally, we are able to make a huge contribution to the NEW Electronic Marquis Fund as well as support the many STPO 2017-2018 Sponsored Programs that benefit our students. 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!
La Paz Intermediate School has partnered with USAgain in an eco-friendly fundraiser providing our community with a bin to deposit surplus clothing and shoes. Together, we can turn unwanted textiles from trash to cash for our school. It’s as simple as cleaning your closet!

The Benefits of Greenraiser
Raise funds for our school.
Reduce the amount of clothing sent to the landfills. 
70% of the world wears secondhand clothing.  Offer then an affordable clothing option.
Support tree planting program.  Everytime the bin is full, one tree is planted.
Promote reuse of clothing. Textile manufacturing industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world causing 20% of global water pollution and 10% of carbon emissions.

Items accepted: unwanted but good condition clothing, shoes, small accessories
like handbags, belts, hats, etc and household textiles like sheets drapes, towels etc.

A collection bin is located in the school parking lot.